Fendi Peek-a-Boo Bag

Fendi Peek A Boo Bag

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Fendi Peek A Boo Bag

Fendi keeps making me sad. I want to like Fendi, I want to embrace their new bags, but I rarely find myself doing so. And that is sad for so many reasons, one being that my Fendi Spy Bag was my first high end designer bag purchase.

After the Spy bag, Fendi brought us many other bags which we were happy to leave in the stores and off our arms. Recently, Fendi is sneaking in with some bags that we are liking, which gives us hope that Fendi is trying to get back into our hearts. The Fendi Peek-a-Boo Bag is the most recent popular bag from Fendi, being seen in many renditions and carried by celebrities. Let s take a closer look at the Peek a Boo.

The black goat leather is offset with burnished silver-tone metal hardware. The shape of this handbag is very Birkin-esque, which many have noted upon seeing the bag. The bag has a slouchy appearance and many times is seen unclasped, which makes this purse look messy . I love that they finished the interior with gold leather, which shows a decadent finish on the inside as well as the outside. Buy through Net A Porter for $2,300.

Vote and tell us what you think of the Fendi Peek A Boo bag.

I think it s classic, timeless, and a total surprise from Fendi!

I really, really like the Peekaboo design. Not so keen on it in exotic leathers etc. but one in a classic, solid neutral colour like black. That, I m on board with.

Undecided. I LIKE it and I ve liked other peek-a-boos I ve seen, but this one is a little too slouchy for $2300.

Really I don t think so. Bags in this price range need to be original AND great looking! This one is neither.

It s like a doctor s bag from the old movies. Not hideous, but not worthy of a designer price to carry.

There are versions coming out for Spring 2010 that I really, really like (Lucite handles, etc.) but the average ones don t really make me sit up and pay attention.

If anyone spends over 2k on a bag, she should at least get a head turner bag (design/color) not a bag that looks like a knock off.

I agree with 19yrs later. If they want 2k from me they have to give me something worth it. Any one of us could have come up with this design.

I LOVE it but only with VERY contrasting interior.. waiting for black version with the right lining. So far, the black verions I have seen do not have enough contrast inside.

The black peekaboo comes with a Raspberry interior and another one that I love is the camel color interior. It looks amazing, the black with the camel really contrast.

I dint like it as it is very dull and has a common structure to it ..I say ill leave it

LOVE it! I like the black Peek-a-boo with pink lining inside. It s been a long while seeing something fresh from Fendi. I personally never liked the Spy bag.

I looked at them in person agoyard dog collarnd they are beautifully made. Having said that, I wouldn t spend 2000+ on the bag. I prefer my old Hermes Kellys.

Mine just came in last week. It s chocolate nubuck, with deep red leather trim, zucca lining and gold hardware. I have the opposite opinion as some of the comments for $2k I want classic, understated luxe that s beautifully constructed and will stand the test of time. I won t spend that much on something flashy or tregoyard shopndy. To each his/her own! BTW, the more distinctive spring versions Amanda mentioned (lucite handles, selleria leather w/exposed stitching, all handmade) will start at $4600 I got the scoop from my Fendi SA.

Hi there. I am about to buy the same nubuck peek a boo, but can t decide. Are you happy with your bag so far I am worried because the nubuck gets dirty easily. Thanks.

I love the goat skin peekaboo bags, the leather is so sumptuous, they are like a less structured hermes kelly bag at less than half the price I prefer the bags with the contrast lining peeking out, I bought the camel kid (goat skin) with python interior peeking out! Very fun and fresh yet a classic structure I think a long term investment bag!

I saw several versions of this bag in their showroom in New York and I was still undecided after trying each one out. The bag and the asking price just doesn t add up to me, there s nothing really special about the style not to mention the practicality of the bag. My purse tends to weight a ton because of all my junk, so I couldn t imagine this single little strap was going to be able to hold the weight AND then goyard briefcaseto get that stylish effect that alot of the ads show with one side of the bag open and slouchy. I pass on it, good try though!

I forgot to mention, one of the biggest problems I had with the style was that it reminded me too much of a briefcase!

i love it, love the shape. it is very ultalitarian. what i don t get, is marc jacobs can design this for louis vuitton and put a bunch of murikami smiley faces on it or miuccia prada could inverted trianlges all over it and all the haters would eat it up.


I m looking to buy Fendi peek-a-boo black with pink liner. Does anyone know if Fendi store still have this one with pink liner Or is it a discontinued product Please help . I really want go get it.thank you so much and I m looking forward to hear from you guys:)

I love it! the more you looking at it, the more you feel it is beautiful n classic!
I disagree who said if you buy a $2000 purse should be outstanding style and color
that sounds like you wanna carry around a bag which has a tag says hi look at me, I m expensive! .
the real classic bag is when u take it out, it looks high quality but low-key until somebody peeking that logo and found out wow, that s the bag!!! but what u acting like is not a big deal
see what i mean

Just purchased my first Fendi as I have not been thrilled about other Fendi bags. I got a special edition gray leather with snake skin/suede in Cancun. Luv it, will keep it light weight and have fun. Seems edgy yet sophisticated to me.


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