Valentino Rose Vertigo Leather Shopper

Valentino Rose Vertigo Leather ShopperSay what you want aboutgoyard suitcase the ideas behind Valentino s designs love them or hate them, I can almost always look at a new bag and know immediately if it s one of theirs. They have an over-the-top, textured aesthetic that is more or less all their own in today s handbag market, which says a great deal about the creative team that is designing and producing their purses. As a result, when I first came across goyard st louis tote pricethe Valentino Rose Vertigo Leather Shopper, there was no doubt in my mind who had made it. Modern interpretations of flowers in bright colors is a trademark of the Valentino look, and it gives them a ruffly, girly quality that few other brands try to achieve. Also, if you have the opportunity to grope one of their bags in person, take it almost all of them are made out of the softest, most touchable leather I ve ever encountered in my life. So, while this isn t a bag I d necessarily go out and buy, I can completely admire Valentino s commitment to their aesthetic idea and the amount of craftsmanship that goes into making such a beautiful bag. Buy through Nordstrom for $2395.

Saw this at Nordies and the craftmanship is gorgeous. My friend loved it, but it s a WHOLE LOTTA BAG.

Not too practical for everyday but boy is it beautiful. I thought of a rose right away when I saw it which I think is a good thing as Valentino was trying to do a rose.

Hey, could you please tell us what happened with the Louis Vuitton s luggagesWho won
Thanks, by the way this bag is gorgeous, and KathyB, if you know how to use it, is not bussy at all, it is fancy, different, classy and perfect for spring and summer.

I don t think they have the results sorted out from the LV giveaway yet, but I m sure they ll let yougoyard luggage know when they do!

I think this bag is extra hot rather Georgia O Keefe-ish I think. I have no idea how I would ever work a bag like that into my wardrobe, but I WOULD find a way.


Yes we are sorting out all the details with the LV giveaway. Once we are able, we will announce the winner on the site! Can t wait to share with all of you!!!!

I do like this rose theme Valentino is using. The bag in the picture is not perhaps the color I would choose, but it is charming. The minus comes from the fact that their bags in most cases have the decoration only on one side. I


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