Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini Bag

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini BagI can t help it; I ve been itching to write about this Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini Bag ever since I saw it on the Rebecca Minkoff Flash Sale. Now I ve just been staring at it on Shopbop, day in and day out, unable to tear my eyes away from that utterly dreamy, deep prussian blue. It s just such a regal color.

And, it may be strange for me to say, but I love when small things have a dignified air. Take for example Pomeranians. It s a digression from bags, but these tiny dogs think they re massively powerful, and aren t afraid to bark up the big dogs. In the same way, this Mini Mini packs a punch in a shade fit for royalty. Plus this itty bag has all the same fun qualities in any Rebecca Minkoff Bag- smooth leather, bright hardware, and a color that pops, besides that recognizable little flap.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini Bag
It s a crayola color, people. And let me tell you- I adore crayola colors. Plus, I think Prussian Blue- or maybe shop goyardnow it s called Midnight Blue- is only found in the 64-crayon box. None of that 4goyard clutch8-box availabilitygoyard trunks with this one. So what to wear it with For me, cream comes to mind. I love the comfy happiness that oozes out of cream knitwear, and what better way to showcase this super bag Buy through Shopbop for $206.50 on sale.

I have this color in a Nikki and it s one of Rebecca s best! Thick, slightly pebbled and yet still smushy. But this size does not work for me!!

I have this bag style in several colors, and love how much it holds in spite of the size. I think you can liken it to a LV Speedy 25 small, but you can get your basics in there. You can wear it crossbody with the strap, but I find that I like to hand carry it. It looks like the pic is of the Bright Royal color that s one of my fave blues!

^Ooh how wonderful! Thanks for your comments, Barab and txgirlie. I adore this I hope I can get it soon!