Starting With a Valentino Bag, Here’s My Dream Outfit for This Weekend

Outfit of the Weekend September 27

During seasonal transitions, I often find that none of my clothes feel quite right. It’s like I can’t remember how I made outfits out of anything six months ago, or why I even thought such an undertaking with my current clothing options was even an idea worth exploring. Because of this, I’ve spent a logoyard online shopt of time dressing myself in my head with stuff that I can’t afford all at once, wgoyard saint louis pricehich brings me to today. It dawned on me that perhaps I’m not the only one having this issue, and that a little blog-post group-therapy session might be in order. So, PurseBloggers, this is the outfit I wish I were wearing this weekend.

I’m having a bit of a neo-grunge, tomboyish, Angela Chase moment lately, so I’d definitely want some plaid and some olive green in there, plus these great waxed charcoal jeans. I’d finish it off with a Giambattista Valli haircalf skater shoe, because who would have guessed that such a thing even exists To balance out the boyish elements of the look, I’d add in a leopard Valentino bag in contrasting red, plus a little bit of bling – the irregular shape and slightly grimy finish of tmaison goyardhis gorgeous Susan Foster necklace means that it fits perfectly with more casual looks. Check out all the pieces below and let us know what you’re looking forward to wearing this weekend!