Taylor Schilling Heads Back to NYC with a Botkier Bag

Taylor Schilling carries a black Botkier bag in LA (5)

Here’s rising star Taylor Schilling, star of the Netgoyard online storeflix series Orange is the New Black, carrying a Botkier Honore Hobo at LAX. Taylor attended the Emmys in LA last weekend and then was promptly on her way back to NYC, where OITNB is filmed and where most of the cast resides. The sleek, urban Botkier Honore Hobo is an accessibly priced piece that you can pick up at Bloomingdale’s for $545.

The Botkier Hogoyard nycnore Hobo is an obvious fave amongst the Hogoyard replicallywood up and coming – we also saw it in Olivia Munn’s bag collection. I’m definitely adding this bag to my “to buy” shortlist – I love the weird, slightly reinvented schleppy hobo silhouette, and the pops of metal hardware. It’s unusual, it’s unique, it has a certain bag je ne sais quoi. Also, it’s mercifully inexpensive, comparatively.

LOVE HER! I predict her career is going to sky rocket. Orange is simply fantastic!