The Many Bags of Kelly Osbourne

The Many Bags of Kelly Osbourne

Like mother, like daughter, especially when it comes to , Kelly Osbourne and their respective handbag collections. We profiled the elder Osbourne’s love for black bags a few months ago, and now that awards season is upon us, Kelly is gracing all of our televisions even more regularly than she usually does for red carpet coverage. That seemed like enough reason to delve into her handbag collection, and perhaps unsurprisingly, Kelly seems to goyard mens wallethave on speed dial the same hardworking Chanel sales associate as her mom. Check out her bags, Chanel and beyond, below.


Chanel nylon bag? Seriously ? Except goyard.comfor the classic Chanel flap in black, i like absolutely nothing here.


She has an impressive set of handbags, but we clearly have very different tastes. I like very, very few of them.


Exactly what I was thinking. That first green/teal Chanel is to die for, though. I do like that Givenchy Madonna, but it is strange.


I very much appreciate how all of her selections are authentic to her image. She very clearly does not fall victim to trends (and I hope that most people who work in the industry would strive to be more individual versus following whatever fashion is pushing). She uses her handbags as an extension and expression of herself. They compliment her personality well. Her closet is full of the bags I imagine her to carry, which is a beautiful compliment.


Lots of Chanel but, for some reason, they don t impress me. I don t know if it s her style that makes them look odd but the bags are not that great, except the classic black flap.


I m surprised at her collection, a lot of classics, which differ from clothing style. She s truly unique.


she has an okay collection, nothing that stands out but nice for everyday. shocking, but i was actually more impressed by her clothing

i miss the commentary to go along with the bags


For a person her age her collection is varied and impressive. Im sicken that a young person cannot be the owner of such a great collection and gain great admiration. Love her bags!!!


I like that her style is both high-end and quirky. One of the most interesting many bags of


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